B i o g r a p h y

A conductor, Jun Terasawa, is also a tenor and composer/arranger. Jun graduated with a Master of Music in Choral Conducting from Colorado State University (CSU) in 2018, with Dr. James Kim. He is currently employed at Sheer Music Schools (SMS), Funabashi and Kashiwa Campuses (Chiba, Japan) as a voice, guitar, ukulele, and composition instructor. He is also the one of music directors of the Kashiwa Children’s Choir (KCC) and actively participates in competitions, concerts, and music festivals as a conductor.


He is dedicated to conducting, composing, and arranging all kinds of music, educating and supporting other students and colleagues of all ages in choir as well as their musical endeavours. While studying his master’s at CSU, He had two recitals where he composed and conducted a variety of repertoire. He conducted the CSU Concert Choir for Mass in G Major (F. Schubert) with the string quartet for the final choir concert piece.


Since Jun graduated from CSU, he have had four jobs; 1) K-12 Music Teacher at Valier Public Schools (VPS) in Montana, USA, 2) Director of Musical Activities at American Global Prep School (AGPS) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 3) Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Composition Instructor at SMS Kashiwa/Funabashi Campuses in Japan, and 4) Music Director of KCC Team Limone in Japan.


In March 2019, he led middle school students of VPS on a band festival in Sunburst, Montana where he managed the finances, travel, and registration for the entire trip. Once there, he conducted the 6th Grade “Mass Band” for Russian Sailor’s Dance (arr. A. Balent) and Knight of the Roundtable (E. Huckeby) in Sunburst Public Schools. His excellent preparation for teaching two pieces within a limited amount of rehearsal time led to a successful performance. The district music chairman, Mr. Gruber offered to have him host the festival in Valier the following year. He also received many compliments from the students in other schools.


These are additional accomplishments at VPS in the academic year 2018-19: 1) grew an underdeveloped music program by selecting appropriate, challenging music for all ensembles, implementing a comprehensive curriculum, setting and finding a balance between high expectations and allowing students to enjoy, 2) planned and implemented Montana K-12 Music Standards for Music with music theory, history, ear training, and sight-reading incorporated in the music program for all ages, 3) planned, directed, and arranged the Christmas Concert for K-12, prepared K-4 Choir, Grade 3 Recorder Choir, Grade 4 Ukulele Choir, Grade 5 Band, Grade 6-8 Band, Grade 7-8 Guitar/Ukulele/Bass Guitar Band, Grade 7-12 Choir, 9th-12 Band, 4) arranged, and directed a noticeably improved Pep Band at all the basketball home games and tournament games from years past, according to the audience, 5) joined the Montana District #6 Music Festival, that VPS has not been involved in for 8 years, and 6) repaired and replaced all the damaged instruments and sheet music by the flood in May 2018.


He had been employed at AGPS in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as Director of Musical Activities from July 2019 to January 2020. AGPS was founded under a nonprofit organization (NPO) in the United States, called "Global Education Vision (GEV)." The mission of GEV is to provide a world-class educational experience for students of all ages. Some of the duties he helped AGPS was to create a music curriculum that became the foundation of music for their program. He became a “jack of all trades” for this academy and secured a concert hall, created a marketing plan, and directed the Christmas concert with a local church orchestra. He was told by teachers, students, and parents of the school, “What a life-changing experience this concert was for the Cambodian children!” And most importantly, he was awarded a certificate of appreciation by GEV and the Cambodian Ministry of Education.


In February 2020, right before COVID-19 was spreading terribly in Japan, he started teaching at SMS. In June, his colleague and he created a new studio setup to make real music without having to compromise the safety of the students or teachers – two practice rooms connected on wires with cameras, microphones, keyboard, and speakers without time lag. Shortly after they engineered their studio, its concept became standard at all SMS (92 locations throughout Japan). As a result, the enrollment of Kashiwa campus has increased tremendously (93 students in June 2020; 204 in November 2021), and in the year of 2021 he has taught 3,177 lessons and this number was the company record.

In Jun's bag of tricks, no musical form or genre is off the table in his ability to teach and encourage the students. He was born in Tokyo, and raised in Kashiwa which was known as one of the most famous cities for brass band music in Japan. Accordingly, he played percussion in the brass band when he was in the middle school, and he enjoyed it. ​Jun is dedicated to choral music - he has been singing in the choir for more than twenty years. However, he has studied instrumental music in collegiate level as well. He has an associate’s degree emphasis in piano performance studied with Prof. Tim Schoesslor in Northwest College, Powell, Wyoming. He has also played the cello in the orchestra and guitar in the rock bands. Besides Classical music training, he has extensive familiarity with jazz music and jazz compositional theory. In his freshman and sophomore years of college, he played the alto saxophone and the piano in several jazz bands. He took jazz piano and saxophone lessons from Prof. Matt Harris and Prof. Craig Olson.


In addition to conducting and teaching, Jun is an active composer/arranger. He studied composition with Dr. Anne Guzzo, at University of Wyoming for one year and with Dr. James David at CSU for two years. He won second place in the CSU Art Song Composition Contest for my piece, I heard a Fly buzz - when I died -  (text by E. Dickinson). When he was earning his master’s, he established and fine-tuned my own process and approach to life as a musician through practice and effort. He has learned how to cultivate the vision of a choral conductor by managing my time effectively by figuring out how to practice efficiently. Now, he is very much looking forward to studying choral conducting at doctorate level and looking for the program that will help him continue to develop and refine his skills as a musician as well as improve his depth of knowledge and expertise as a choral educator and musician.